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Globe In Benefit Basket July 2015 Review- First Benefit Basket 

It’s been another day of just being thankful, y’all.  Thankful for every.  Little.  Thing.

The Mister is about to arrive home to do our workout (Thanks, Fabletics!), but until then, I’m jamming some Dustbowl Revival.

So, with my day of gratefulness and thankfulness, it’s only appropriate that my Globe In Benefit Basket showed up!

You may have heard of the full Globe In box, but this month they shipped out the first Benefit Basket!  For $19.95 a month, or $56.95 every three months for a small per month savings, Globe In will send you their Benefit Basket, which is one hand woven palm leaf basket with one handcrafted good inside!

I’ve been salivating over these baskets but unable to justify the $35/month cost of the Artisan Basket, but when this guy came out.  Well.  It was a great way for me to get the baskets I want for the bathroom plus an extra good!  It’s a win win in my book.

Globe In supports remote artisans and farmers across the world.  They come up with a really neat collection of handcrafted, unique items from all around the globe, right to you.  I just think it’s crazy fun.  The Mister just thinks I’m crazy.

I had my fingers crossed for the Elephant Travel Journal made in Sri Lanaka.  It’s actually made out of elephant dung, and it looks super cool.  I did not get my poo journal, but.  Well.  Just keep reading.

This cute little cardboard box was waiting for me when I got home from work:

  When I opened it up, this card was on top:
  Which told me I got the backpack!  I really actually didn’t care for the backpack in the spoilers from the Artisan box.  It just didn’t pop my cork.  It’s made by ApiHappy, out of Sri Lanka, on a handloom.  For everyone purchased, a child is provided with a school bag in Sri Lanka.
  A picture of a bag being made:The basket!  The best part!  My basket was made by Don Juan and his family in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Don works with 8 members of his family to make baskets for Globe In.  With the money they make from these baskets, Don and his family are reinvesting in their business, and are building up production capacity and saving up to buy agricultural machinery for their bean business.

Each basket is hand woven, and the palms are hand dyed.  It’s beautiful!  Thank you, Don and Don’s family, for such a great little piece of art.  Don is pictured on the basket.

This basket retails for $12 plus shipping on the Globe In Site.
  Inside is the bag, which SURPRISE I love!  The spoilers made me think it was crispy and cheap, and that is far from the case!  This little bag is super soft, and made from organic cotton.  The company producing these is ApiHappi, ApiHappi uses textiles to empower the population of rural Sri Lanka through jobs.  Pretty cool.  The bag and basket all laid out- Y’all, I can’t stress enough the quality of this bag.  I’m going to use it on an upcoming trip.  I love it!  It’s even got a little zipper compartment inside.  Did I mention it’s huge?  17.5″ tall and 14″ wide.  Love it!  This retails for $29.99 on the Globe In site.
All in all, I can’t find a single con to this little subscription!  For my monthly investment of $19.95, I received $41.99 worth of sustainably sourced artisan products that are just BEAUTIFUL.  i would have been happy with just the basket, but this beautiful bag is just icing on the cake!  I may still have to go buy a bunch of those poo journals though.  For Christmas gifts.

Giddy.  I can’t wait until next month!

Time to go yoga my face off.  Until next time!

~Little Miss Stilettos and Grits


3 thoughts on “Globe In Benefit Basket July 2015 Review- First Benefit Basket 

    • And it was the first time I had seen the green one! It works great, used it to hike all over DC last weekend. But I may have to buy the green one and 3 or 4 poo journals to give as christmas presents.


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